Privacy policy

We value the privacy of our users' personal information. By using all the available network capabilities when working with Internet resources, you can be absolutely calm at the expense of preserving personal information.

The data that users provide when filling out the registration form or during other manipulations are used only in specified cases. Mainly, personal information is used for the purpose of preparing special Products and Services. Also, the agreement contains clauses that stipulate special cases when some data may be transferred to third parties.

Data required for the site

The data required for the service are those items that are filled in the registration form, namely name, phone and e-mail. Thus, the user voluntarily agrees to the receipt of personal data by us.

The purpose of collecting personal information

The only purpose for which user information is used is to offer the company's services. The name specified in the registration form is required for personal application.

All provided information is not transferred to third parties. There can only be an exception to the rule fulfillment of legal requirements. Personal data of users is stored on special servers, where all information is protected and can be used only in specified cases.

Protection of personal data

We use various security measures, including administrative, management and technical, to ensure the privacy of user information. In accordance with international control standards, we not only collect data, but also bear full responsibility for its preservation.

If you fill out the registration form on our website, you agree to our privacy policy.

In addition, you agree that we may disclose your personal information information in the following case:

  • We may disclose your confidential information to third parties (law enforcement agencies) without your consent authorities for the following reasons: assistance in preventing fraud; court order to avoid violating the law or regulations.

All confidential data that you will provide for registration on our website can be changed at any time or deleted at your request. To do this, you need to contact us in any way available and convenient for you using the contact information that is placed in a special section on our website.